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Remembering Boole Day
With Boole, #Boole and @GeorgeBoole200 trending in Ireland and the world at various points yesterday, it’s no surprise there were a lot of links being shared. If 1 is the universe and 0 is nothing, this list is closer to 0 than 1: there is a lot more on @georgeboole200, @boole2school and @UCC.

The site was set up last year by UCC and contains a wide range of information about Boole and the development of boolean algebra. Do you know there is a crater on the Moon named after Boole? That and more here.

Get Them While You Can!

MacHale BooleDesmond MacHale wrote a biography of Boole in 1985. A new edition was released in 2014. The ebook version is available until 6th November for £1.22 ($1.88) – see more on Cork University Press.

The film about Boole (previously aired on RTE and shown in Cork and Lincoln: trailer, graphics sample) will be available on the RTE Player from 3rd November 2015 to 16th November 2016.

“Hamilton, Boole and their Algebras”: a Gresham College lecture at the Museum of London about two great mathematicians associated with Ireland. Tuesday, 17 November 2015 at 1:00pm. Free, first come first served. More information here.

The Gluckman exhibition “Boolean Expressions” (previously blogged about here) will continue until 8th November 2015 in Cork.

The exhibition “Aesthetic Logic” at the Triskel Arts Centre, Cork which celebrates the life and work of George Boole comes to a close on Thursday 5th November 2015. (more information here)

The Boole-world Minecraft server is now live.

Full biographies of Boole were made available by the Encyclopaedia Britannica, and the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (as one of the lives of the week – until 8th November 2015).

Media Coverage

Boole Google DoodleThe Google Doodle for 2nd November 2015(available to view here) celebrated Boolean algebra, and this was the focus of a number of stories including those from the Irish Examiner (Google’s latest Doodle is a tribute to mathematician George Boole), Irish Mirror (How George Boole invented Boolean logic and created the computer age), The Independent (George Boole: Five things you need to know about the man behind today’s Google Doodle), Time (New Google Doodle Honors Prolific Mathematician George Boole’s 200th Birthday), Silicon Republic (George Boole celebrated in style with Google Doodle).

Articles about George Boole himself include those from The Guardian (George Boole: how a Victorian mathematics don became a digital pioneer), The Financial Times (Binary thinking — right for computers, wrong for the real world ), Science News (Happy Birthday to Boole, with 11001000 binary candles), Colm Mulcahy in Scientific American: (The Bicentennial of George Boole, the Man Who Laid the Foundations of the Digital Age), Colm Mulcahy in Huffington Post: (George Boole, One of the Great Unsung Architects of Today’s World, Is Unsung No More), Vice (Happy 200th to George Boole, the Grandfather of Digital Logic), Silicon Republic (6 disciplines George Boole revolutionised) Heise: (Bool {True, False} : Zum 200. Geburtstag von George Boole), Spiegel: (200. Geburtstag von George Boole: Der Mann, der uns die Online-Suche ermöglichte).
The Irish Times focused on the celebration in UCC (George Boole Day celebrates pioneering mathematician).

The Economist’s Tom Standage writes (Logical commemoration: Boole’s bicentenary) and talks (BBC Outside Source: Who’s the mathematical genius with his own Google Doodle today?) about Boole.

Video and other links

UCC: George Boole* 200 short film (Directors cut) on Youtube.

UCC Lecture for George Boole’s bicentenary: Compute and Communicate Lecture with Anant Agarwal

UCC The Riverside: George Boole (posts based on material in the UCC archives. The papers of George Boole held by UCC are being digitised – access them here.)

Irish Philosophy: Ones and Zeros, Boolean Expression exhibition

Marcus du Santoy (Facebook) on George Boole.

Stephen Wolfram: George Boole: A 200-Year View

Dan Cohen: George Boole at 200: The Emotion Behind the Logic

Devlin’s Angle: Today is George Boole’s 200th Birthday

The Genealogy Radio Show – Episode 8 Series 3 – George Boole *200 Genealogy project

Culture File – George Boole College Pudding

Boole’s Cartoon Adventures

Music Inspired by Boole

Ellen Murphy’s music composed in honour of George Boole’s birthday (soundcloud)

Arthur Ceili Band: The George Boole Song (Vimeo)

Tweets from Boole’s Birthday

A Tragic End

(also see The Renaissance Mathematicus: Killed by Homeopathy)

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