The President of Ireland’s Ethics Initiative

President Michael D. Higgins Source: wikicommons/CC

If you have listened to Baroness Onora O’Neill’s Edmund Burke lecture you will have heard mention of the Irish President’s Ethics Initiative.

At his inauguration, the President stated his intention to hold

Presidency Seminars which may reflect and explore themes important to our shared life yet separate and wider than legislative demand, themes such as the restoration of trust in our institutions, the ethical connection between our economy and society, the future of a Europe built on peace, social solidarity and sustainability.

The second of these seminars is on the topic of ethics and the challenge and invitation of living ethically.

The President said,

It is my hope that these individual events, and other initiatives in the discourse on ethics will be the source of extensive public debates, and meet the expectations of our citizens for such values as will enable us to build a sustainable social economy and a society which is profoundly ethical and inclusive. As we leave behind a crisis that caused such reputational damage to our country, this debate will, I hope, contribute to building more just and sustainable versions of Ireland’s future, and help establish an ethical dimension and discourse as key parts of our regulatory frameworks and our contribution to a wider European and global debate.

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