About this site

This blog gathers together resources relating to Irish philosophy from around the net. It is edited by C. M. Barry.

Exactly what Irish philosophy is, is a thorny subject. As a first approximation, the term includes everyone mentioned in the Dictionary of Irish Philosophers. If Thomas Duddy, David Berman and M. A. Steward have already thrashed this out, why re-invent the wheel? I’m also including those listed in A History of Irish Thought.

As Thomas Duddy points out in his History of Irish Thought, an imperially nationalistic definition of “Irish” is not possible. Any definition has to be inclusive, reflecting the “conflicting vocabularies and shattered frameworks, sporadically and irregularly exploited by gifted individuals” (xii). Even Eriugena did his work abroad, in the court of Charles the Bald. The history of Irish philosophy has been peripatetic ever since.

Finally, about the logo: why a fish?